Q. Are your courses fully accredited and will I be able to gain professional insurance once qualified?

A. Yes, our professional courses are all fully accredited by the CPD Centre of Excellence. You will gain a certificate of qualification once you have completed the course which you can use to gain professional insurance.  Every individual insurer has different criteria for offering cover so you should check with your chosen insurance company for their requirements. You can see our accreditation status, read our reviews, give feedback on our service, and view CPD points for each of our courses on our accreditation partner’s website: http://centreofcpdexcellence.com

In addition to our fully accredited courses, we also offer a number of skill building workshops – some of them are suitable for beginners and some are more suited to already qualified and experienced therapists.  These are clearly marked as workshops rather than accredited courses and full details will be shown on the course booking page. A certificate of attendance will be awarded for these workshops.

Q. Do I need to complete any theory work? 

A. Before completing your practical training and assessment session at our academy you will first complete an online learning session from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you can access the internet!) which will guide you through all the theoretical knowledge you require for carrying out the treatment you are about to qualify in. 

After working through the manuals there will be some multiple choice questions to answer which accompany each module, but there are no time limits and you can have multiple attempts. By completing all of this before attending the academy it means there will be no exams or tests during your practical session, leaving more time for hands on training!

Once you are enrolled you will be sent details of how to access the online learning. If you have any problems with this our support team will be more than happy to help. Failure to complete this work will mean your practical training and assessment session may be cancelled. No refunds will be given. If you feel that you may need more time please contact as soon as possible for advice.

Q. Do I need my own student insurance? 

A. Our training school is fully insured by Salon Gold and you are protected under our policy whilst carrying out practical training on our premises. You will, however, need your own policy if you wish to practice at home, or if your course requires you to submit case studies. 

If you are already qualified in other treatments and have insurance to carry those out you could check with your current insurer to see whether they will cover your for other treatments whilst in training.

If you are not already covered by another policy you can take out student insurance whilst in training, and then upgrade this to a full policy once qualified. There are many insurance companies that you can get quotes from, and further advice and suggestions can be found in our training manuals, but we work with Salon Gold and their annual student policy is currently less than £35 at the time of publishing this (July 2020).

Q. Will I need to bring my own model?

For all of our accredited courses held at the academy, students are required to demonstrate their practical ability on a model. Sometimes students can model for each other as part of the course, and other times you will be asked to arrange for a model to attend. Full details will be given in the description for each course.

If your course allows students to work on each other but you are not comfortable with this, or have a contra-indication which would preclude you from receiving a treatment, we will be happy for you to bring a model in your place, or arrange a 1-2-1 private training session. Please contact us to discuss before booking.

Models need to be ready for treatment (free of products on nails for nail courses, no mascara or eye makeup for lash courses, body hair 1cm for waxing etc.) We will confirm the exact details and times that your model needs to attend in your confirmation email.

Q. What if I can’t find a model?

A. If you are unable to find a model to bring to the academy please let us know before booking your course and we will do our best to assist you. Dependent on numbers it may be possible for students to work on each other, or we may be able to source a model from our database. Please note this is not guaranteed so please ask us first!

Q. Are Patch Tests required? 

A. The following courses require a patch test: 

Definition Brows 

Lash Lift & Tint

Henna Brows

Brow Lamination


Your model will need to arrange an appointment for a patch test 48-72 hours prior to your training date. Please ask them to contact us to book a slot so that we can ensure that a member of staff is available. Failure to come in for a patch test will result in the cancellation of your place on the course.

Q. What do I need to wear on my training day?

Although we don’t insist on salon workwear in the academy or during online training, we do expect students to wear clothing which is suitable for carrying out treatments on a model in a professional environment. Jeans, leggings and trainers as well as other casual clothing is absolutely fine, as long as they are clean and tidy and don’t pose a health & safety risk or have any offensive slogans etc. Some students choose to wear salon tunics which is also absolutely fine, but not essential. Footwear should be clean with closed toes and either flat or low heeled for health and safety purposes. Please no sandals, flip flops, or high heels.

You will be required to wear PPE in line with current government guidelines at the time of your training. This may include disposable aprons and gloves as well as facemasks and a visor. If you are unable to wear a face mask for health reasons please contact us before attending your course.

Q. Do we get a lunch break on a full day course?

A. You will get a 30 minute lunch break on any of our full day courses (in the academy or online). Refreshments will be provided throughout the day but lunch is not provided and there are no food outlets in the immediate area therefore we recommend that you bring this with you. There is an Asda a few minutes’ drive away if you wish to purchase lunch on your way in. We do require a punctual start after breaks and if you miss any of the practical session you may not qualify to receive your certificate.

Q. Are there any parking facilities?

A. Yes! We have a free car park available right outside of our building for all students and models. No tickets are required.

Q. Do I need to bring any kit?

A. All kit that is required to pass the practical assessment will be provided on the day unless you are advised otherwise. Specific details will be listed in course information. We work with high end professional brands to give the best possible learning experience.

If your course includes a starter kit, or if you have chosen to order one, this will be issued at your training session in the academy.

Q. Can I purchase additional kit from you?

A. We are registered stockists for a number of professional brands and you can purchase these items either in the academy or via our website online (for collection at the academy).  For some items if we don’t hold stock ourselves we may have discount referral codes so that you can order direct with brands yourself. Details will be given during your training.

In all cases we will go through a detailed kit list as part of your training and recommend where to obtain pro products. None of our courses are brand-biased and although we may recommend certain brands you will be qualified to use any brand that you want.

Q. How old do I need to be to train with FRESH Beauty Academy?

A. The minimum age for our accredited courses is 16 but you should also check with your insurer just to make sure that they are happy to offer you cover. There is no maximum age for training with us.

For those who are younger, look out for our kids & teens masterclasses and our school holiday beauty school.

Q. Am I guaranteed to pass the course?

A. On completion of your final practical training and assessment session your tutor will inform you if you have met the required standards for passing the course.

Although a pass is not automatically guaranteed, we have small group sizes and offer such a high level of support during your training that the majority of our students are able to pass the course without delay and receive their final certificate on the day of training.

As tutors, it is our job to support and guide you, and we will do everything possible to help you achieve a pass. As long as you are safe and competent to carry out the treatment yourself unsupervised, we will allow you to successfully complete the course. We may recommend that you send us case studies for further advice and support but they won’t be mandatory to pass the course.

Of course all trainees need to practice and we don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but we also want to make sure that you are confident and able to work alone. If we feel there is a risk to the public we would ask you to return to the academy, free of charge, where we can offer additional training before issuing your certificate.

Q. What support is there for after I qualify?

A. Support does not end when you pass your course and leave the academy. All of our graduates are welcomed into our private members only Facebook group which is a safe and secure place to ask questions, share information and seek support from tutors and other graduates.

We are also happy to help with any questions by email, telephone or social media message.  We love seeing our graduates progress in their career and will offer whatever support we can to be a part of this.

Q. Is VAT included in your prices?

A. Where VAT is payable, it will be included in the advertised prices. The current rate of VAT in the UK is 20%.

For a full breakdown of where VAT is payable, please contact us first before booking and we will be happy to advise. If you require a VAT receipt for your accounts please let us know and we will be happy to send you an invoice. 

Q. Can I attend my practical session on evenings or weekends?

A. We run courses 7 days a week and have many flexible options to accommodate our students. We will be happy to help where we can. See our list of training dates and hopefully you will find something suitable, but if not just contact us and we will try to find a date that fits!  Don’t forget, many of our accredited courses are available in person as well as online, so check both options 🙂

Q. Do you offer 1-2-1 training? I do not want to learn in a group 

A. Yes, this can be arranged. Depending on tutor availability this may be at an additional charge, but contact us for more info.

Q. Do you offer online courses or do I have to attend the academy to do my practical training?

A. Some of our courses can be studied online (see our online booking for details of available courses).  Where this is the case, you will still carry out all of your theory work at home and you will still answer your online questions to test your knowledge, but then rather than attending the academy your tutor will arrange a video call with you to demonstrate the treatment and assess your practical skills working on a model. Please double check with your individual insurer that they will accept an online qualification.

Q. I am worried about COVID-19. What do you have in place to protect me?

A. Our academy is COVID secure and you can view a copy of our risk assessment when on site by speaking to the support team.  We have a full cleaning and disinfecting routine in place, and we will be following government guidelines for social distancing and mitigating risks.  All relevant PPE will be provided for students to wear for the duration of their practical assessment (please let us know in advance of your course if you are not able to wear PPE for any reason.)  Masks will be provided for models where required.  Masks and visors or masks and goggles must be worn for all treatments. There are no exceptions (unless exempt)

We ask that students comply with all requests around hand washing and personal hygiene, as well as social distancing when not carrying out a treatment. We have a large academy with plenty of space so we should have no problem in maintaining distance between everyone, but while there is a heightened risk we are reducing class sizes and providing separate break out areas. Any students or models refusing to cooperate will be asked to leave, and any fees paid will be forfeited.  

If you or your model display any COVID symptoms, if you are awaiting the results of a COVID test, or if you find you need to self isolate, please DO NOT travel to the academy but contact us asap by telephone or email to support@freshbeautyacademy.co.uk

Students and models will be required to complete a COVID Screening Questionnaire before attending the academy.  Details of all attendees will be shared with Test and Trace, the Local Authority and Public Health England should it be requested.

Q. I have read your T&Cs regarding cancellations, but what about if I test positive or have to self isolate due to COVID-19 which is out of my control? 

A. Don’t worry, we are all adjusting to this new way of living and we understand ourselves how difficult it can be.  We want our students to book our courses with full confidence that we will support them as best we can, and so if you find yourself in this situation, as long as you let us know, we will transfer your booking along with any money you have already paid, to another training date with no admin fee.

Q. I have another question that hasn’t been covered. Can you help?

A. Of course! We’d be happy to.  Pop us an email on support@freshbeautyacademy.co.uk and we will get back to you asap! 

We look forward to seeing you soon! x